Bored students are not only uninterested in learning but can be a disruptive influence on the rest of the classroom, in fact bored students can be a very difficult problem for today’s teachers. What with all the iPhone, blackberry’s, iPads and other ‘smart’ gadgets available to them keeping the interest for any amount of time can be a very difficult task. Once students become bored and drift away it will be increasing hard for the teacher to regain their trust and attention. But lets use their need for entertainment and competitive edge to our advantage, how i hear you ask?

By the use of Games as Teaching Aids of course

Games as Teaching Aids have become increasingly populate among educational institutions over the past few years and look to continue there growth even more. So how can you utilize this as a resource in your own classroom?  Simple, Jeopardy powerpoint templates! By creating a simple but effective Jeopardy powerpoint templates you can re-engage with those bored students and regain their trust and attention.  Not only that but you will be teaching them something while they think they are having a break from study.

Create a simple Jeopardy powerpoint template

It sounds too simple to be true doesn’t it? Create a simple Jeopardy powerpoint template and your students will suddenly love you, yeah right! There have been studies on using games as an aid to teaching with some impressive results, the university of Florida’s Benjamin Lok has said that video games as teaching aids are “successful tools to teach a variety of subjects” but don’t just take his word spend a few minutes searching and you’ll see plenty of evidence of the effectiveness of using games as teaching aids.

So what you waiting for? You can spend all your time worrying about your bored students and how you can re-engage with them or you can act now!

Fire up that laptop, launch Powerpoint and get creative today. Get back your bored students and rekindle your love for the job you have made your profession.